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Glen-L Riviera Drawing

Line Drawing of the Glen-L Riviera, by Glen-L Marine Designs


Me tracing If you cannot see pictures.

Mark Bronkalla
Here I am tracing the blueprints for the
frame pieces onto the work table.

Why is this site here?
This site covers the construction process of my boat, a Glen-L Riviera. The Riviera is a 20 foot double cockpit traditionally styled wooden runabout. It was built with cold molded construction technique consisting of and wood laminations and epoxy. More on Why?

This site is organized in rough chronological order as a tour of the construction process. It has been updated over time due to questions from other builders or as experience with the materials and techniques dictates. Start the tour

The Site Map provides topic oriented navigation through the site. It also has the site search at the bottom.

The boat is complete and has been used extensively for over twenty summers. It is a great ski and wakeboard boat. We have also used it for fishing as well. Top speed as measured by a GPS is 53 mph!

I wrote a number of columns in the Glen-L Webletters covering construction and tool techniques in more detail.

If you would like to contact me, send e-mail to:
builders at bronkalla.com. Replace the at with @.
Just trying to dodge a few spammers.

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