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As you can see, there is more to life than boatbuilding. The projects shown on this site are some of my more recent work. The backlog of furniture and other projects that accumulated while building the boat has been whittled down, however, the list seems to grow as fast I complete items.

There is much to do yet over here. There areconstruction photos for many of these projects as well.

The section is broken down into topics:


Boxes of various types make excellent gifts. I have saved many scraps of wood over the years with interesting grain and color patterns that were just too pretty to burn , but too small to be useful for furniture. By ripping the scraps into thinner pieces, beautiful "grain wrapped" boxes can be made.

The grain wrap can be seen in this photo on the joint between the front and left hand end.

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Cutting Boards

Curtting bords are another nominally "scrap wood" project. I keep thin rippings as well as end cuts in a couple of boxes for cutting board projects. Almost all of these become gifts.

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The most significant non-boat projects are furniture.

Both indoor and outdoor furniture projects are here.

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The wardrobe project is a large dresser modeled after one I had seen in Restoration Hardware. This a large project (roughly 5' tall x 5' wide). The commercial version sells for well over $3000. This one has a number of improvements in design and construction (dovtailed drawers and casework, frame and panel ends, etc). This project took about 6 weeks in the winter of 2004 to complete.

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The Wisconsin Woodworkers Guild (of which I am the pastpresident) has an annual Christmas toy drive. Members are encouraged to donate toys. The toys are then donated to local women's and abuse shelters.

The toys are a fun short-run production project. I try to make multiples of each piece. This entails making jigs and fixtures to speed up the process. It is also a good chance to try out new construction techniques on a small scale project.

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Sax Case

Bariton Saxophone case for Elyse's "new" sax.





Finally, I have a "real" cabinet makers style work bench. This was built 1/02.

Top is hard maple and has end and side vises. 2 sets of dog holes are set in for use with the end vise. A tool tray is at the back. It also functions as an outfeed table for my table saw. The top is just slightly lower than tht botto of the miter guage slot.

Trestle base is removable and is made of white oak.

This bench awas also the basis for a set of classes in Jan.--Feb. 2005, that I taught for the Wisconsin Wooodworker's guild. During the class we built another bench that is now uesd at Guild meetings.



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